Ross passed away...

Our friend Ross passed away Sunday morning, March 19, 2006 at the young age of 38, apparently of a heart attack, his 39th birthday would have been April 7th. A week before, we were told that the hospital informed him that he had 'water' around his heart. Why it wasn't drained, we have no clue.

Below are a few pictures I have found on our computers or Gary found on his, there may be more and I will post them as I find them. I will also post remixes of the songs he sang in the studio, on my website, links to follow.

Ross and I only sang together sometimes and generally when I was impaired in our bar. We also played pool together, Ross, Gary, Bob, Norm and myself, sometimes Brian as well. He was a pretty damn good pool player, it's a shame that got slowed down over the last few months. I used to help Ross with his computers, get him software and show him how to do different things. Of course, occassionally he would do the same for me and 'enlighten' me on tricks he had found in the industry. Ross also helped lay the floor in our living room, so whenever anyone walks on it to watch movies, remember Ross. He also used to play video games with our son Robert. He lost everytime, but hey, ya' can't be good at everything ;-)

Ross was an avid singer, pool and dart player at Branch 606 of the Royal Canadian Legion and he golfed, or pretended to anyway. Ross was also teaching himself to play guitar, he wanted to get good enough to sing and play with Lloyd, I wish he had more time to learn and play. On the Saturday night, only hours before he passed away, I think he sang better and with more feeling than he ever had in the past. He was more lively and energetic that night than usual. The last 3 weekends, he spent at Bob and Gail's house outside Campbellford which he enjoyed immensely, our house with just a few of his close friends and of course Saturday night with almost all of his closest friends. Ross didn't really have any family left to speak of as his parents died when he was young. We, his friends are now his 'family'.

Ross leaves behind his closests friends and friends (that we know of);

Bob and Gail S.
Steve, Sue and Robert M.
Tim and Christine and thier two children
Sandy S.
Susan W.
Chris at the RCL 606 Dart Team
Tom and Moe D.
Connie and Dan F.
Jim and Ann M.
Penny and Peter K.
Lloyd M.
Norm V. and Patsy and Christine J.
Gary and Sue F.
Karen U. and Ian H.
Daphney, Donna, Karen and Denise at RCL 606
Rock and Roll Trivia Crowd he hosted at Rockwells

We'll miss his laughter and exuberance, more, we'll miss all that he was and could have been. Dream well big guy, try not to overpower the angels in the choir and save me a bag of ringo's buddy, you ate my only bag last weekend and they're hard to find....



   to those who helped with Rossí funeral and wake.